Video and internet streaming content distibution services

Media Content Distribution Services

Stations and corporations wish to receive their files in specific formats. Digital delivery is not a simple process. For example, how is that digital file getting delivered? In other words…….what's the distribution source? That source will have specific file requirements. If any of those requirements are not met, that file is not going to air.

Classic Strategic Media can help you with this:

  • Conversions: Be it physical media or a digital source for the highest quality conversions (up, down, frame rate, standards).
  • Digital Encoding: Utilizing Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro, along with terabytes of storage, CSM has significant capacity to work within the digital file arena.
  • Delivering video digitally to Vimeo, YouTube, Multiple FTP sites, Aspera and Signiant, as well as all the leading distribution companies in the world.
  • Captioning and Subtitles: for Domestic Broadcast and International Broadcast is available through Classic Strategic Media.

Digital File Requirements/Specifications

Most production service facilities can create a reasonable, good-looking video. However, creating a reasonably good-looking video is no longer the only acceptable service in today's digital age.

  • Is that file 608 or 708 compliant? It is the law that programs and commercials are Closed Captioned.
  • An ISCI or Ad-ID code is likely to be required.
  • Is your content properly slated and to the frame length? A slate with several seconds of black and a specific text sequence will be necessary. Timings are different among digital distributors, and some distributors even want the slate as a JPEG separate from the video.
  • The digital file... MPEG2, ProRes, MXF HD may all have different requirements.
  • What about SpoTTrac encoding so that video spot can be tracked?
  • Know about the CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) Act? Better make sure the volume of your spot matches its surrounding programming.
  • Will your video pass the title-safe test?
  • Was your video shot at broadcast standard (29.97fps)? If not, your 23.98fps video will need to be converted, or it will not air.